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    Hi there Movie Fans!

    Hope you’ve been having fun with Trailerpop so far, discovering lots of movies you never knew about and rediscovering old favorites. Today we’re bringing you an exciting contest for the movie ‘The Family’ which comes out this Friday and stars Robert De Niro and Michelle Pfeiffer. 

    Play the trailer on Trailerpop and you could win a Fandango gift card and official ‘The Family’ movie posters! 

    We have many more exciting features in the works and we want to hear from you to make sure we’re delivering the most fun, social discovery experience for you.  You can reach us at feedback@trailerpop.com

    Have fun!

    Team Trailerpop


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    Dear Trailerpop Fans.

    It’s been more than 3 months since launch so we wanted to give you an update from Trailerpop HQ.  Firstly thank you so much for giving us a try and for being part of our fast growing global community, we all love movies and we are excited that so many of you around the world have been having fun, playing Trailerpop on your Android and Apple devices! Hopefully discovering some amazing new movies along the way.  

    We have some exciting new features coming soon that I think you will really enjoy - stay tuned!  Why not have a play today, there are so many new movies waiting for you to play!  

    Remember you can also create and share lists and check out top celebs favorite movies!  Trailerpop also connects you with all your favorite places to buy and rent movies like Fandango, iTunes, google play, Netflix, Hulu and more!

    We really want to hear your feedback so we can deliver the best experience for you all.  If you have ideas, you can send them to hello@trailerpop.com.  (If we receive a new feature idea from you and we implement it, we will offer you 10 free movie tickets!)

    Thanks for listening.  See you in Trailerpop!  

    And as Yoda says.  ”Do, or do not, there is no try”

    Team Pop




    Sofia’s new one The Bling Ring looks like more the speed of her least talked about film, Marie Antoinette. More upbeat running through the streets, less staring off into the desert. 


  5. popculturebrain:

    Poster: The Bling Ring | IMP


  6. fuckyeahmovieposters:

    The Dark Knight Rises by Manel Cluny


  7. fuckyeahdirectors:

    Werner Herzog while making Cave of Forgotten Dreams (2010)